Latam Workshop 2023


Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is defined as the process of acquiring and analysing data from on-board sensors to evaluate the health of a structure. It represents a transition from programmed to predictive maintenance activities. SHM methodologies, as opposite to traditional NDI techniques, are based on a sensor network integrated/permanently bonded to the structure where the inspection process can be automated, without disassembly, thus providing large savings in expected maintenance costs.

Major but not the only topics for the workshop include:

  • SHM system design
  • Physical principles monitoring: mechanical, acoustic, electrical, thermal, etc.
  • Smart Signal processing: advanced signal and/or processing, statistical data analysis, data mining/fusion, real-time diagnostics/prognostics, machine learning, inverse methods, big data, deep learning, etc.
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Sensors: MEMS/NEMS, fiber optics, piezoelectric, bio-inspired sensing, sensors for extreme environments.
  • Sensors/Actuators networks: novel smart sensors /magneto-electric sensors, nano/micro sensors, wireless sensors, hardware-software integration, self-diagnostic networks.
  • Cyber-physical systems for aerospace/civil/mechanical SHM
  • Energy: saving, harvesting, conversion.
  • Applications of SHM for the Industry Internet of Things (IIOT)
  • Autonomous systems: automotive, remote sensing and remote support, robotic and UAV platforms for SHM and maintenance intervention.
  • Biomedical applications: SHM methods applied to the biomedical domain, wearable devices, implants with sensing capabilities, health monitoring devices.
  • Advanced industry: Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, advanced manufacturing techniques, manufacturing with sensor data, multi-objective design optimization.
  • SHM in action: aerospace, marine, civil engineering, mechanical, engineering, railway, energy generation.
  • Validation/certification: probability of detection, reliability, uncertainty quantification, reliability methods, certification processes.
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Full-scale structural demonstrations and applications